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2014 - Aluma Lite Standard Skid House


4' x 6'$2595.00
4' x 8'


6' x 6'$2799.00
6' x 8'$2999.00
6' x 10'$3249.00
6' x 12'$3499.00
8' x 8'$3298.00
8' x 10'$3599.00
8' x 12'$3825.00

**Free Delivery with any New Custom Order Skid House

Standard Features​


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Heavy Duty Spray Foam Insulation
  • 2 - Windows 18"x36'
  • 1 - Door with handle lock
  • 6 Holes w/covers
  • 4 Holes w/covers  for sizes 6' x 6' and under
  • Front and back Tow Hooks
  • Fresh Air Vents
  • 2 - 12V Lights
  • Round Roof for snow load
  • Diamond Plate Corners

Other Things to Note:
Many Floor Plans to Choose From, Doors, Windows, Holes and Accessories can be moved around.


Our insulation is Top Notch, All you should need is a small heater if you like to be warn, saving you on Propane. If you prefer electric we can wire your Skid house to run on a small Generator.

​Height inside Skid house is 80"-83" in the middle.


Skid Houses weight 250lbs - 900lbs Depending on Size

*4'x6' house has 4 holes, and only 1 window

The Aluma Lite Standard Skid House is Square/Rectangle with an arched roof. It comes fully equipped with every thing you need to get on the ice fast. Ultra Lite weight allows you to move from spot to spot quickly. It can be towed by an ATV or Snowmobile on plowed or un-plowed paths and will fit on most utility trailers. The smaller models can even be moved by hand easily.

New for 2014 Models is an available 51" ATV door. Allowing any 6' or 8' Skid house to accompany your ATV on the same trailer.

Our many options offer something for everyone. And if you can dream it we can build it. Delivery time is under 2 weeks for Custom Orders. Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Our Custom Options range from Extra Windows, and Extra Holes, all the way up to Tracking Devices, and Flat Screen Mounts. We post the most popular ones online, but if it is possible we will do it for you. Check out out Custom Options page for popular options and pricing.

​* Free Carpet  includes Standard Marine Grade Carpet. Custom Colors not included in Free offer. Please See Store for Samples.

** Free Delivery Includes up to 25 Miles from Store.